Plantar Wart Treatment with Laser

Treatment of Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts are very resilient and are hard to treat effectively there has been a large amount written about the various amounts of treatments available bit one should loot at the effectiveness before embarking on a treatment plan. If you really look into treatments you will find out that the results are terribly unreliable. As such it is not worth pursuing such treatment methods.

So firstly what is a plantar wart and what causes them, well they are a result of an infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV) this generally gains entry into the skin via a small abrasion in the foot. The virus hijacks the DNA of the cell and replicates itself, this means the warty lesion grows in size and will spread slowly over the surface of the foot. this is one good reason as to why these must be treated as soon as possible as treatment is easier in the early stages of infection and the results are generally much better.

Some of the treatments for plantar warts discussed in the internet include occluding the lesion with duct tape, this is simply a nonsense and does not make the wart go away although it can make it smell terrible when the duct tape is removed.

There are numerous acids and pastes that one can use to try to destroy these the problem is one must build a “dam” to contain the acid over the wart and often this is rather unsuccessful and results in wide-spread damage to healthy skin. The plantar wart however remains viable as the base has not been destroyed and as a result it keeps growing and the treatment fails.

Plantar Wart treatment with liquid nitrogen

This method is probably the most commonly used by General Practitioners, the results of the treatment are again terribly unreliable apart from which it is extremely painful we generally find that multiple uses are required resulting in multiple painful visits and costs and at the end of all this the wart returns several months later when the skin repairs itself. This is a treatment method that I would really recommending when treating Plantar Warts.

So how do you treat these plantar warts successfully

Well the best way currently available is laser this destroys the plantar wart virus on exposure it causes minimal damage to the skin and usually only requires one single treatment meaning the patient down time is minimal and a patient will recover rather quickly when compared to the more widely used treatments.

I hope some one will find this article informative and help them in their quest to find a plantar wart treatment that actually works.


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